TOP 3 reasons to work from Valea Verde Retreat

24 November 2023

Whether it’s a remote work week, a mindfulness seminar or a training, the Green Valley and the village of Cund offer the perfect setting to focus.

The award-winning Valea Verde Retreat, with carefully restored Saxon houses and large gardens, is surrounded by the beautiful Transylvanian hills and offers plenty of space for outdoor activities as well as indoor options.

We provide our guests with a fully equipped hall as well as tailor-made packages including accommodation, food, and drinks as well a conference room, qualified staff, and the right technical facilities.

Find out the TOP 3 reasons to choose Valea Verde for remote working


1. At Valea Verde, you will be able to book a house just for you

In the small and quiet Transylvanian village of Cund, Valea Verde Retreat awaits its guests with carefully restored Saxon houses.

For your stay in the heart of Transylvania, you can opt for one of the holiday homes that you can rent in full or you can choose to book a room or apartment in one of the houses in the village or in the Valea Verde courtyard, close to the restaurant.

Those who want to get deeper into rural life will be charmed by our double rooms or renovated village houses. In the process of infusing tradition with a contemporary spirit, what has guided us has been the preservation of local accents (stove, handmade wooden furniture), the reintegration of old values into modern life, and the manifestation of our passion for detail.

Our newest house, Casa Cal, is located a few hundred meters from the restaurant. It offers four rooms with a different theme, coloured in red, blue, green, or white. Casa Cal has a generous courtyard that extends into one of the village’s hills, a terraced area among the vine bushes, perfect for your sessions in complete peace and quiet.

“Reussdorfer Hof”, the largest house in Cund, is perfect for group accommodation, with 9 rooms, with double or twin beds. All rooms are very spacious, some of them with a stove for added authenticity. The whole house is centrally heated.

Bierzahn House is an old Saxon house in the center of the village of Cund, 350m from the Green Valley restaurant, located, according to local tradition, between two similar small farms. The house can only be rented as a whole, with a kitchenette, a living room and 3 bedrooms. The house has its own heating system, which can be supplemented by traditional wood-burning stoves in the bedrooms.

2. At Valea Verde, you’ll have a quiet workspace at your disposal

For our guests, we have prepared a conference room equipped with all the necessary equipment for a modern working environment. Next to this room, we have set up a room that you can use when you need more privacy, away from the common area.

Throughout, the internet connection is high-speed, ready to support your business.

3. At Valea Verde, you can enjoy unique and authentic experiences

Perhaps the best known of these is truffle hunting, an experience that Italy has entered into the UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage in 2021. 

For the past 10 years, we’ve been accompanying our guests on truffle hunts and preparing a wide variety of truffle dishes in the Valea Verde Restaurant. We offer a variety of experiences to our guests, all related to truffles!

The Valea Verde Observatory is a charming wooden cabin set in a picturesque pear orchard at the forest’s edge. Here, you can enjoy an extraordinary moment inside the charming cabin or on its terrace. Immerse yourself completely in the remarkable natural beauty of the Transylvanian wilderness and admire the long, uninterrupted views of the surrounding fields, hills, and sky. In this inspiring rural setting, we regularly spot an abundance of animals, including eagles, foxes, deer, and wild cats.

You’ll be able to book yourself a private dinner in the wilderness in our Observatory or perhaps a brunch.

At Verde Valley, we invite you to slow down and truly enjoy the beauty of each moment. Here, a space full of authenticity and tranquillity awaits you, where time takes its own course and you can enjoy the essence of rural life at your leisure.

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