Our Philosophy

The Scattered Hotel

When people travel, it should be life-changing, both for the traveller and for the local community. We dream of authenticity, but sometimes it seems out of reach. Exchanges should be encouraged to happen naturally between the traveller and the community he visits – the opposite of the “ivory tower” approach of the traditional package holiday.

In Cund, what we found was a historical inheritance and a village community that was unaware of how much it had to offer, in terms of traditions, crafts and local knowledge. At the Valea Verde we tried to bring the right people to the right place and let them explore and experience, with all comfort provided and all guidance ensured.

Our inspiration was the Italian “albergo diffuso” or “scattered hotel”, which brought to life many historical small towns, breathing new life into dwindling villages: “The albergo diffuso is about rediscovering tradition in a globalized world. (…) It’s like being given the key to a community” (Condé Nast Traveler). We set out to do the same in Cund with our renovated houses in the village, which embrace local traditions with a modern twist. Through this eclectic mixture we hope to provide our guests with an inspiring travel experience full of new local flavours!

Our vision

At Valea Verde, we opened the doors for an authentic experience of Transylvania: active, immersive and responsible. The restored Saxon houses that our guests live in are scattered through the village, fresh food and ingredients are grown in local households, every walk is an opportunity to talk to a villager, buy a homemade product, learn about his or her way of life.

This is how the social fabric, ecology, architecture, cuisine, natural beauty, and historical heritage are protected and grown. Thoughtfully planned and implemented, eco-tourism drives sustainability – and we hope that destinations like Cund will remain intact and unspoiled, for us and for future generations to experience.

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