We gladly support local production, from the delicious food we serve our guests, to special drinks and traditional arts & crafts. Our ingredients are carefully sourced from local farms, the truffle shavings come from the Cund forest, the jams are made after traditional recipes. The furniture in the Valea Verde Restaurant, rooms and apartments is made by local carpenters. All our actions are meant to preserve long-term ecological balance and the well-being of the community, while at the same time opening Valea Verde, Cund and the neighbouring area to a rewarding and responsible kind of tourism.

Community development

We currently employ 26 local people in various departments – as cooks, kitchen aids, dishwashers, waiters, cleaning ladies, joiners, building workers, drivers, gardeners, grooms and administration staff. Furthermore, we are trying to encourage a more sustainable and traditional way of restoring the local houses by advising and helping out with our trained woodworking staff and our workshop. Having financed and led the restoration of the village community hall, our latest and largest project is the restoration of the old Saxon St. Nicholas Church. The church dates back from the early 15th century and quickly deteriorated after it was abandoned by the Saxon community in the late 1990s. In 2013 we managed to raise funds from generous donors to rebuild the roof structure, and in 2014 we have started on the interior, which we hope to finish by autumn 2017. We will then move onto the exterior works and, one day soon, this landmark building will be able to serve our local community as a church, village museum and space for concerts and readings.

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