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It’s 2003. Ulrike and Jonas Schäfer meet and fall in love with oneanother in Hamburg/Germany. Jonas is a successful entrepreneur, an ex-sound engineer & producer running a record label & publishing house whilst managing several artists and writers. Ulrike holds a BA in social work and is a politically active young woman, seeking to bring change into communities.

They take a trip to the tiny Transylvanian village of Cund, where Jonas’s father Klaus is working as a social worker. He arrived first in December 1990 with relief goods for the children´s hospital in Sighisoara and subsequently was more and more fascinated by Transylvania.

Life is simple and authentic in Cund, the Saxon village reaping of history – and this is how a truly inspiring journey begins… Encouraged by his wife to follow his heart and embrace new perspectives, Jonas and Ulrike move to Transylvania and continues his father’s work.

Ulrike is currently finishing her MBA and published a book on the Romanian social care system. Since 2005 the couple dedicated themselves to developing sensitive rural tourism – the Valea Verde.
Jonas and Ulrike found in Cund beautiful nature, rich & diverse culture, relaxation & rejuvenation and a strong sense of community…

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