Our little village is home to one of Romania’s most reknown producers of artisanal cheese

Artisan cheese from Cund

Our little village is home to one of Romania’s most reknown producers of artisanal cheese: “Manufactura de Brânză”. Cows raised by the Hungarian Varga family graze on the hills surrounding Cund where they feed on grass and wild spices – making the milk they produce fabulous! Inspired by this excellent milk, young cheese-maker Istvan Varga set about making quality cheese, using Swiss methods. We serve this cheese in many varieties – for breakfast as a cheese selection, we use it in our cooking and also offer special cheese platters with delicious acompaning wines.

The PETRY Butchers

The PETRY family has a century old tradition as a family butcher and is based in Targu Mures. They operate a variety of outlets selling their meats and especially interesting is their main seat below the citadel, where they also have a small exposition of their family history and historic recipies. We love their well sourced local meats which we use for coolking as well as their selection of cured and processed meats – delicious salamies (honouring their Hungarian roots), cured mangalita Hams and delicious pastrama of local beef, mutton or mangalita!

The Schuster Family

The Schuster Family are very concious small scale farmers living and working in the beautiful Saxon village of Mosna. They advocate a traditional approach to farming with no pesticides, traditional seeds and a lot of manual labour. They produce amazing cheeses and yoghurts as well as a truly amazing rose pedal jam. For their rose pedal jam they have a small field of roses, which they collect amnually and process in their yard with their family members and volunteers from all over the world.

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