Horses are our mirror & other benefits of riding

22 July 2022

They say they’re our mirror. Horses can easily show us what our mood is in a very transparent way. This is one of the reasons why these beautiful animals are included in mentorship, therapy, or self-awareness programs.

Horses have a unique way of reading our feelings and communicating them to us

For example, if we are angry or upset when we interact with a horse, it can mirror these emotions by showing stubbornness and refusing to take orders or even move. Also, our feelings of anxiety can make a horse nervous. The practice of observing a horse’s reactions can lead to better self-awareness and help us see ourselves more honestly.

Developing such a relationship with a horse (in which we allow ourselves to be vulnerable and receive unfiltered feedback) can help us understand our behavioral patterns and be aware of how we interact with others. Through simple activities such as caring for, weaving, or riding a horse, we can learn to have a conscious and positive approach to our social relationships.

Horses are large, imposing animals, and if we want them to react docilely to our stimuli and demands, we must build a relationship of trust and respect with them. They will not do what we tell them just because we give them this command.

This feature is often used in horse-assisted therapy programs and mentorship programs. Participants learn how to build relationships of trust, how to impose themselves in a peaceful way and what they need to change in themselves to reach that level of trust sought.

A horse-assisted personal knowledge program can help us improve our relationship of trust (in ourselves and others), communication skills, social relationships, accepting ourselves as we are, controlling ourselves, and being more spiritually connected.

From steeds, we learn quite quickly to be more patient, and calm, to regulate our self-control, and to find solutions to possible communication problems

We become more aware of the responsibility of our actions and their effects on those around us. As I said at the beginning of this article, horses will immediately become our mirror, and from their reactions, we can immediately realize what state we are in. Are we balanced or nervous?

Another very interesting aspect regarding our horse friends is the fact that they are social and herd animals. Horses choose their leaders, those they follow. The same relationship is transferred to the rider. The horse will respond to the rider’s commands and will only follow him if he is confident that the rider’s decisions will not affect him.

Horses teach us very easy to be secure, to have high self-esteem, and be confident. Being able to communicate and maneuver such a powerful animal is a source of pride.

We invite you to Valea Verde to participate in the program “Discover yourself with the help of a horse” with Justine, a qualified psychotherapist specializing in horse-assisted programs, in which horses will wear the mirror in which your “self” will be reflected, they will help us get to know you better and they will lead you to you. Are you ready to discover yourself?

It will be a good opportunity to meet our gentle horse friends: Chocolate, Artana, Fee, Afra, Romulus, Rajka, and Simon!

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