Children’s winter vacation at Valea Verde

29 December 2022

The days spent on the sled, when we came home with a red nose, and the grandparents greeted us with a cup of tea or hot cocoa, are very dear to all of us. That is why we are overjoyed when we manage to recreate these memories with the new generation or for our children, even for a few days.

At Valea Verde, in the small village of Cund, the days of the winter vacation will remind you of the holidays spent at your grandparents’.

The streets of the village are free from traffic, you are more likely to meet a cart than a car. The low frequency of cars passing through the village of Cund makes this holiday destination preferred by families with children for the sense of safety that the traffic-free streets give you. Plus it reminds us of vacations at grandma’s when cars were a rare sight.

All our houses have a generous garden where the little ones can play freely. While staying at Casa Yard, you can always visit the stabled horses or watch the crafts of the carpenters working in the workshop present in the same yard. Every yard can be transformed into a fascinating universe full of mysteries that only skilled detectives can unravel.

Reussdorfer Hof, the largest house in Cund, is guarded by a courtyard bordering one of the village’s hills. The climb is easy, and the panorama from the top of the hill will make all the effort worthwhile. Plus it’s a good opportunity for the little ones to prove their sports and orienteering skills. And for parents it is a joy to know that the chosen route is safe and close to the accommodation.

Casa Johann is preferred by families with children who prefer to reserve an individual house, just for them. A house that has a yard where children can play freely, a house with one bedroom and a living room with generous spaces. In addition, in Casa Johann you will also find a covered terrace that can be heated with wood.

Casa Samways is the right choice for larger families, the house has a capacity of 9 places. The house consists of 2 rooms with a double bed, 2 rooms with 2 single beds (bunk), 1 bed for guests, on request. And here you will find a large and beautiful yard, especially on days when we enjoy snow.

Casa Bierzahn is an old Saxon house in the center of the village of Cund consisting of a living area and two bedrooms. The house has the old barn converted into a small terrace and, like the rest of the houses, a generous garden.

On our website you will find more details about the holiday homes and the rest of the accommodation options. Also, on our website you will find information about the activities that you can include in the program, suitable for the whole family, during your stay at Valea Verde.

Truffle hunting is an emblematic activity for the Valea Verde team and one of the children’s favourites. The presence of friendly dogs, the thrill of finding treasures in unexpected places in the forest and the possibility of picking mushrooms make truffle hunting an experience chosen by many of our guest families.

Another experience chosen by families with children is the carriage or sleigh ride through the village of Cund and its surroundings. The carriage drawn by our beautiful horses will take you through the village streets and the country roads outside the village.

We are waiting for you in winter holidays in the heart of Transylvania, at Valea Verde Retreat!

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