We are ready to organize your unforgettable wedding in Transylvania, at Valea Verde

24 May 2022

What comes to mind when you think of the perfect wedding? Maybe the bouquets of wild flowers to decorate the tables, picked straight from the meadow or the most delicate roses grown with love and ready to form the most beautiful bridal bouquet you have ever seen. Or maybe even a white horse on which the groom will appear, just like in fairy tales!

We would add the finest gourmet recipes prepared by internationally awarded chefs accompanied by rare wines and special desserts to talk about after the wedding and a beautiful summer garden designed for the most important event of the year: your wedding!

We are ready to organize an unforgettable wedding for you this year as well!

We will put to the test all the experience gained since 2005, since we dedicated ourselves to hospitality, rural tourism and slow living lifestyle. At Valea Verde, every day seems to pass “piano, piano”!

Our inspiration for everything that means Green Valley came from the Italian concept of “albergo diffuso” or “scattered hotel”. This concept brought back to life many villages in Italy and this is what we wanted to do in the historic village of Cund in Transylvania.

The restoration and renovation works have given a new identity to the old Saxon houses in the Transylvanian village where we are. Original pieces of furniture used by Saxon families have found a new home alongside new ones, modeled by local craftsmen.

Starting from the house where the Valea Verde House now stands, the restaurant and the garden with the gazebo and the natural lake, the Valea Verde retreat was formed in time by houses scattered all over the village. Hence the reference to the Italian concept “albergo diffuso”.

During your dream wedding, your guests and ours will enjoy moments of peace in the most comfortable rooms arranged in these Saxon cottages, located near the restaurant or in the village. And the view of the Transylvanian village will leave them “speechless”. For them we can organize trips through the neighboring villages, to Sighișoara or Sibiu.

You can start looking for the “black gold” of Transylvania, summer or winter truffles, accompanied by dogs specially trained for truffle hunting. It is a unique experience, also inscribed in the UNESCO Intangible Heritage, to which we are very attached and which we will be happy to share with our guests.

 For leisure, we offer you a series of authentic experiences: riding sessions or walks through the village in a carriage, brunch served in our Observatory hidden in the orchard, moments of relaxation in the SPA Chalet or participation in wood carving workshops or other crafts.

We believe that Valea Verde is the ideal place to organize your dream wedding. Our garden will be transformed into a magical place where the wedding ceremony or party is held (even for 3 days and 3 nights, as we know from Romanian fairy tales). In a refined atmosphere, the Valea Verde lounge is ready to receive up to 100 guests.

Guests will be delighted by the surrounding views, such as the lake, in preparation for a real Transylvanian feast, which can be served both as a buffet and more formally, at the table. Drink packages offer options for all tastes: from very good house wines, to spectacular Romanian and international wines. The dance floor next to the lounge is waiting for you to dance under the starry sky of Transylvania. For those special moments after dinner, we will prepare a spectacular campfire.

Valea Verde is the perfect place to organize your dream wedding. And let us tell you a secret: on certain summer days, in the evening, we are visited by fireflies and forest fairies.

Transylvania can certainly be the ideal setting for a magical wedding. Your wedding. We are waiting for you at Valea Verde! ☺

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