The truffle hunt is included in the UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity

14 February 2022

Since 2008, UNESCO has opened a list of traditions or events that define different regions of the world. Romania has inscribed in the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity the Ritual of the Gag (2008), Doina (2009), Traditional Horezu Ceramics (2012), The Men’s Fog Carol (2013), The Virgin’s Game in Romania (2015), Traditional Bark Making Techniques (2016), Mărțișorul – Traditional practices associated with March 1 (2017) (source: Ministry of Culture).

At the 16th Congress of the UNESCO Intergovernmental Committee, Italy also included truffle hunting in the Cultural Heritage (“Truffle hunting and extraction in Italy: traditional knowledge and practices”). Even if it is not included in Romania, we are glad to find out that this practice, which we love dearly and to which we return as often as we can, is appreciated worldwide.

Tartufai (as truffle hunters in Italy are called) confirm the importance of understanding and respecting the environment in which these treasures grow, the knowledge of the growing season and the favorable climate. Truffle hunting, regardless of the area or country in which it is practiced, involves the unraveling of secrets passed down from generation to generation and a beautiful collaboration with talented quadrupeds with a fine nose (be they dogs or specially trained pigs). That is why, for us and for the guests from Valea Verde, the truffle hunt is a special event, which we strive to honor as it deserves, every time we visit the forests of Transylvania.

For the past 10 years, we have accompanied our guests on the truffle hunt and prepared a wide variety of truffle dishes in the Valea Verde Restaurant. The beautiful forests of Transylvania are home to a wide variety of wildlife and delicious produce. We like to look for wild plants, herbs and mushrooms, but the most spectacular edible treasures to be found are the truffles – the black gold of the Transylvanian wilderness!

We also talked here about the types of truffles found in Transylvania. Now, in January, we are looking for winter truffle or brumale truffle as it is also called Tuber Brumale. This is the secret ingredient for truffle butter and flavored salt.

Book a truffle hunt weekend in Transylvania, at Valea Verde Retreat, this year. Our offer includes a guided truffle hunting session and truffle meals (a 4-course dinner, a 5-course dinner, 2 breakfasts and a lunch). And for accommodation you can choose a cottage in the village or a room at Casa Valea Verde (located next to the restaurant Valea Verde).

We also offer a culinary truffle hunt. It is dedicated to groups of up to 14 people and includes a 2-hour truffle hunting session and a lunch served in the woods, accompanied by a glass of delicious Romanian wine.

Include in your visit to Valea Verde a series of authentic experiences: carriage / sleigh ride through the village, a SPA session in the chalet overlooking the Cund hills, horseback riding or long walks with our horses. If you want to know other areas of Transylvania, we talked here about Sighișoara and the fortified churches of Viscri, Saschiz or Biertan.

Now you can book your vacation with a 20% discount. See you next time we invite you to see a movie about truffle hunters! 🙂

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