Discover Transylvania by bike

15 August 2023

Discover the village of Cund and its surroundings by bike! On your next visit to Valea Verde, we warmly invite you to a unique cycling experience in some of the secret places of this corner of Transylvania. You can rent MTB bikes from us if you don’t have a bike. 

Visit fortified churches, and local wine producers, be a wildlife spotter, and watch animals in the wild.

In Mures County, there are several documented bicycle routes starting from Târgu Mureș, Biertan, or Sighișoara.

One of the routes is the one starting from Criț: Criț – Mihai Viteazu – Saschiz – Vânători – Albești – Sighișoara. The distance covered is 40 km.

Criț is a locality in Mures County, first documented in 1270. In this small village, you can admire old, colourful, and very well-maintained Saxon houses and the Evangelical church, dating from 1814. The present church was built on the site of the old church, dated 1270.

In Saschiz you will find a beautiful fortified church listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Saschiz boasts a clock tower similar to the one in Sighisoara and a 14th-century medieval peasant fortress. Read more about the small village of Saschiz here.

Sighisoara (Mures County) is located 30 km from the village of Cund. The fortress of Sighisoara is known as the best-preserved city fortress in Transylvania and also the largest continuously inhabited medieval fortress in Europe registered as a UNESCO World Cultural Heritage Site. I wrote about Sighisoara in this article.

Another cycling route is the one starting from Biertan: Biertan – Saroș on Târnave – Sighișoara.

Biertan is one of the first German Saxon settlements in Transylvania, being documented in 1224. The fortified fortress of Biertan is included on the UNESCO World Heritage List. In the fortress, you can admire old houses built in the Transylvanian Baroque style, with thick walls, stone foundations, pastel-coloured facades, and decorations with vineyard motifs. Read more about the fortified fortress of Biertan here.

One of the routes departing from Târgu Mureș goes to Sângeorgiu de Mureș, Tofalău, Săcăreni, Călușeri, Pădureni, Gornești, Chinari and returns to Târgu Mureș.

An important point to visit on this route is the Mociar Forest Reserve. It is a beautiful sight and can be admired on the way from Reghin to Sovata.

Târgu Mureș, 43 minutes from Cund, is a tourist destination you’ll want to return to. Here you can visit the Fortress of Târgu Mureș, which dates back to the 15th century, and the superb Administrative Palace, built between 1905 and 1907 to house the city’s Town Hall. 

The Palace of Culture in Târgu Mureș, which dates from 1913, is one of the most representative buildings of the Belle Époque in Transylvania. The building is decorated on the outside with mosaics and bas-reliefs in bronze and stone, frescoes, and stained glass, all typical of the Secession style, as a variant of Art Nouveau.

The central square, Rose Square, famous for the roses that have adorned the square for decades, is the place where the “Mures Fair” was held. The Rose Square is also home to the city’s main architectural symbols, reminiscent of the old medieval fair or the growing city of the dualism period.

For your cycling trips in Transylvania, we recommend: a helmet, reflective vest, mini tool kit, significant hydration source (especially on hot days), spare room for your bike, and our phone number: 0371237117.

And at the end of the day, we’ll be waiting for you in the Verde Valley with a “home away from home”. See you in the heart of Transylvania!

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