Discover the black gold of Transylvania

5 February 2024

Exploring the mysteries of Transylvania’s truffles at Valea Verde Retreat

Welcome to Valea Verde Retreat, a magical place located in the heart of Transylvania, where nature reveals its most precious treasures – truffles! This retreat offers a unique experience of exploring the enchanted world of truffles, surrounded by picturesque landscapes and the tranquility that embraces your soul.

Truffles from Transylvania: black gold

Truffles, also known as the “black gold” of cuisine, are underground mushrooms highly sought after for their intense and distinctive aroma. In Transylvania, the soil and climate are perfect for growing these delicacies, and the region is known for its production of truffles of the highest quality. Black truffles (Tuber melanosporum) and white truffles (Tuber magnatum) can be found in Transylvania’s oak, beech, and alder forests, delighting your senses with every taste.

Truffle Hunt: a unique culinary adventure

At Valea Verde Retreat, we offer you the chance to venture into our scenic forests with experienced guides in search of truffles. Our team will reveal the secrets of this centuries-old art and teach you how to find and recognize truffles in their natural habitat. With each step into the forest, you’ll feel the anticipation building, preparing you for the magical moment when you discover an underground truffle and are rewarded with its irresistible aroma.

Truffle hunting is not only a gourmet activity, but also an opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of the delicate ecosystem in which truffles thrive. You’ll discover the secrets of searching for these underground treasures and be guided in the art of recognizing and appreciating them.

Unforgettable culinary experiences

At Valea Verde Retreat, truffles discovered during the hunt will be transformed into true culinary masterpieces by our talented chefs. In our award-winning restaurant, you will have the privilege of enjoying exquisite dishes, prepared with care and passion, that highlight the unique flavor of truffles. From fresh pasta and risotto to meat dishes and fine cheeses, every meal will be a memorable culinary journey, crowned by the unmistakable taste of Transylvanian truffles.

Valea Verde Retreat is not only a place of relaxation and retreat but also a sanctuary for lovers of nature and gastronomy. By exploring Transylvania’s truffles and participating in their exciting hunt, you will experience the simple joy of connecting with the environment and discovering the wonders of nature.

Book a stay at Valea Verde Retreat

If you are ready to enjoy an unparalleled experience in the heart of Transylvania, book your place at Valea Verde Retreat and prepare to indulge your senses with the aroma and taste of truffles from this magical region. 

Whether you are a truffle connoisseur or an avid adventurer, Valea Verde Retreat invites you to join our gourmet journey. Discover the mysteries of truffles in Transylvania and enrich your senses with the unique aromas of this underground delicacy. Book now to secure your place on this unforgettable journey into the world of truffles!

Our guests can enjoy four comfortable suites in the main building next to the Restaurant, each with a separate entrance and a spacious terrace. 

Those who wish to enter deeper into rural life will be charmed by our double rooms or the renovated village houses (located about 300-400 m away from the Restaurant Valea Verde). 

In the process of infusing tradition with the spirit of the countryside, what has guided us has been the preservation of local accents (stove, handmade wooden furniture), the reintegration of old values into modern life, and the manifestation of our passion for detail.

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