Cycling routes in Transylvania (II)

15 September 2023

For those who want to combine a slow living stay with cycling tours, there are numerous cycling trails near Cund. With varying levels of difficulty, these trails are suitable for professional cyclists, beginners and younger athletes.

The first route we will present starts in Târgu Mureș: Târgu Mureș, Sângeorgiu de Mureș, Tofalău, Săcăreni, Călușeri, Isla, Sâmbriaș, Beica de Jos, Iernuțeni, Reghin, Breaza, Voivodeni, Glodeni, Chinari, Curteni, Sântana de Mureș and back to Târgu Mureș. The route covers a distance of about 90 km.

Once in Târgu Mureș we recommend visiting the Palace of Culture, the medieval fortress of Târgu Mureș and the Reformed Church in the fortress.

The Palace of Culture houses a number of galleries of modern Hungarian and Romanian art, as well as the rooms dedicated to the mayors Dr. György Bernády (1864-1938), who transformed the city of Târgu Mureș during his 10 years in office; and Dr. Emil Aurel Dandea (1893 – 1969), who changed cultural and social activity in Târgu Mureș by publishing magazines, newspapers and books.

Inside the fortress of Târgu Mureș you will find the Reformed Church of the Fortress and the Museum of History and Archaeology. The fortress towers are named after bastions: the Small Báthory Bastion, the Locksmiths’ Bastion, the pentagonal bastions of the Dogars, Butchers, Furriers, Tailors and the hexagonal bastion of the Shoemakers.

The Reformed Church of the Fortress is the oldest building in Târgu Mureș. It was built in the 14th century, first mentioned in 1332.

Over the years, the fortress of Târgu Mureș was home to the first brick factory in the country and a bronze workshop.

In Sângeorgiu de Mureș you will find Máriaffi Castle, built around 1870. Sângeorgiu de Mureș is famous for its spa, situated at an altitude of 350 m, with chlorinated, sodic, iodized, hypotonic, concentrated mineral waters, therapeutic mineral mud and permanent treatment base.

Another route can be: Târgu Mureș – Nazna – Berghia – Band – Oroiu – Vaideiu – Dileu Vechi – Oarba de Mureș – Ogra – Sânărghita – Șăușa – Sântioana de Mureș, Nazna – Târgu Mureș.

Tips for your bike rides

  • Perhaps most importantly: don’t ride alone. The route is much more fun when you can share it with someone, and 4 eyes are much more alert when it comes to the difficulties that can arise on the route. 
  • Research the route before you set off. See if there are any road closures, works in progress and what the recommended stopping points are.
  • Choose a route that is suitable for the preparation of all participants. Trails have varying degrees of difficulty, and this may be reflected in the different ability of each participant to complete them. Don’t forget, you need to save your energy for the return.
  • Check the weather forecast. Watch the weather forecast for the whole area you are about to visit the evening before and the morning of your departure day. The forecast can change at any time and we recommend that you find out about these changes before your departure, not during the route.
  • Avoid interaction with wild or even domesticated animals. A photo with a group of hounds is a fond memory you’ll want to share with your loved ones. If you encounter animals that may become a threat to your safety, we recommend you stay away from them and remember that they can be very unpredictable. 
  • First aid. Always carry a first aid kit with you with the essentials. 
  • Route map. A printed map will be a great help if you run out of signal, battery or both.

Enjoy what Transylvania has to offer on a cycling trip. Visit fortified churches, local wine producers, but also experience a wildlife spotter and watch animals in the wild. Our guides are always available to help and introduce you to the natural, cultural and culinary wonders around the village of Cund!

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