Children’s holiday at Valea Verde

11 July 2022

Valea Verde is the ideal place for children’s holidays. Nature walks, games in our garden, and swimming in the natural lake is like the holidays spent with grandparents.

Activities for children

Horseback riding and carriage rides

At Valea Verde, children can learn to ride, under the careful guidance of our instructor, or, if they are already qualified riders, they can go horseback riding in the village or on the hills at the edge of the forest.

A memorable experience for the whole family is the carriage ride through the village of Cund and the surrounding villages. For these experiences, we have a set of four different models, from a traditional local cart to a rugged Wagonette, a sleek 100-year-old Landauer with a convertible roof, and last but not least the luxurious Coupé for special occasions!

Bike rides

Cund village and nearby forests can also be explored by bike. We have MTB bikes of various sizes for rent. Valea Verde Garden can be the perfect setting for your first cycling lessons. And after the success of the first route, the little ones will remember this holiday for a long time!

Truffle hunting

Another suitable experience for the whole family is truffle hunting. Children will discover different species of plants in the nearby forest and information about the types of truffles present in Transylvania, the methods used to find them and, in addition, our friendly dogs can be reliable companions for the little ones.

Spending time in the nature

Our houses are fenced with generous yards where the little ones can play at will. The hours spent in nature will have a beneficial effect on the little ones, to the parents’ delight!

Casa Valea Verde located near the Valea Verde restaurant offers an apartment and a double room suitable for families with a child.

The apartment consists of a living room and a bedroom with a double bed and a sofa bed that can be converted into a small double bed with a maximum capacity of 3 people (a total area of 42 square meters).

The double room is equipped with a double bed and a sofa bed, with a maximum capacity of 3 people (a total area of 16 sqm).

Both the apartment and the double room have a furnished terrace, perfect for spending the mornings before breakfast or for a relaxing break!

Casa Yard on the main road has a yard where children can make friends with our beautiful horses.

Casa Yard has 3 double rooms and a spacious apartment for 4 people. This apartment consists of a room with a double bed, a small room with twin beds, and a living room with a large sofa (a total area of ​​32 sqm).

All Yard apartments are located in the village, about 350 meters from the Valea Verde restaurant.

Casa Cund consists of an apartment and a double room.

The apartment is suitable for 3 people, with a living room with two sofas, one of which is a sofa bed and a bedroom, located upstairs, with a double bed (a total area of ​​36 sqm). The bedroom also has a balcony, from which you can admire the church tower.

Both apartments in Casa Cund are located in the center of the village, about 300 m from the restaurant. The house also has a small courtyard, with direct access to the “Valea Verde” Gym.

Reussdorfer Hof” is the largest house in Cund and perhaps the most popular house! Reussdorfer Hof has a generous courtyard bordered by one of the plateaus of the village of Cund.

The house consists of several common living rooms, a kitchen, 9 bedrooms, and a large courtyard, surrounded by hills.

Of the 9 apartments, 3 are equipped with a double bed and a sofa bed (a total area between 22 and 24 sqm).

The house is located on the main road of the village, about 400 m from the Valea Verde restaurant.

Holiday homes located in the village are excellent for small groups of four to eight people. They are equipped with a kitchen, a fireplace, a garden, and a terrace.

Bierzahn House is an old Saxon house in the center of the village of Cund, located 350 meters from the Valea Verde restaurant, located according to local tradition, between two similar small farms. Behind the courtyard, you will find a large garden with fresh vegetables at your disposal.

I partially turned the small barn into a gazebo for quiet evenings. Also behind the courtyard was a platform with a grill.

The cottage has two bedrooms (one with a double bed and the other with two single beds). Another small bedroom with a bunk bed is located in what was once a summer kitchen.

Access to this room is only through a separate entrance from the garden, 3 meters from the main house.

Samways House is located on the main street, about 350 meters from the Valea Verde restaurant. From the living room, you can admire the wonderful church of St. Nicholas. The Samways House can accommodate up to 9 people.

The house is located in the middle of a large and beautiful garden, surrounded by a fence. One of the rooms of the Samways House has two bunk beds and is ideal for two children.

Johann House is an old Saxon house in the center of the village. The small river that crosses the village winds through the backyard, and the main road passes in front of the house.

The courtyard of the house has plants and flowers. There is a sofa bed in the living room and a double bed in the bedroom. The house has a total area of ​​70 sqm.

We are waiting for you at Valea Verde for your next vacation with the little ones.

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