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Villa Vinéa

Just 18 km away from the Valea Verde you can find the Villa Vinea winery! Villa Vinéa launched their still young wines at the end of 2012. Villa Vinéa is situated in the Târnave Valley, between Bahnea and Târnăveni, just 15 km from the well-known Jidvei Winery. Under the guidance of Tuscan winemaker Celestino Lucin, now based at the 800-year old Augustiner Chorherrenstift Neustift (Italian Winemaker of the year in 2009) in South Tirol, the team around local winemaker Mihaly Deneș planted all new vines in 2006-2010, coming to the Romanian market in 2012.

All wines are still quite immature, but you can already see their great potential! From the white wines, we recommend the Fetească Regală of the “basic” Premium selection, and among the red ones, their house “Selection Fetească Neagră” make for a great souvenir of your visit to our region! You can also request a tour of the winery - the hosts will be more than thrilled to offer it anytime.



The mere name “Transylvania” evokes myriad images and expectations – think vast, untouched landscapes, dotted with forest, wolves, bears, fortified churches and beautiful hidden villages. Transylvania lies towards the west and north of the Carpathian mountain range and borders the great Hungarian plain.

For travelers visiting Transylvania, the region affords many special experiences. Nature lovers will find an amazing cornucopia of flora and fauna in the untouched hills and valleys of the Transylvanian wilderness.

History buffs will be fascinated by the area’s complex and checkered past: Transylvania has known various rulers, first as part of the Dacian Empire, then as a province of the Roman Empire, a century under the Austrian & Hungarian empire, a principality of the Ottoman Empire, and, since 1918, an integral part of Romania. All these periods have left their characteristic imprint on Transylvanian architecture and culture, and are vivid in the everyday life of this region.

The Transylvanian Saxons (or Siebenbürger Sachsen), who settled in the region about 700 years ago and built its principal towns, in particular left a huge legacy for the area’s cultural heritage. You will see this in our village of Cund, a predominantly Saxon settlement up until 1994, where the resident Romanians and Hungarians still have a basic command of German.

We urge you to explore and discover more of the history, culture and traditions of this stunning area during your visit to Transylvania! 


We have a range of mountain bikes in various sizes to rent to our guests. The valleys and hills around Cund constitute wonderful terrain for cycling, and we believe that the gorgeously serene surroundings are ideally suited to visiting on two wheels! We are also close to launching GPS trails for pleasant outings around Cund, which will make planning your trip even easier!

Bike rental: EUR 10 per day


For the most authentically laid-back way to discover the stunning nature around Valea Verde, it has to be horse and cart! Take to our horse-drawn carriage and trot leisurely up hill and down dale – through hidden valleys, peaceful forest clearings and panoramic hillsides. Break your journey with a sumptuous picnic, including homemade antipasti, scrumptious sandwiches and refreshing drinks for a special kind of al fresco lunch...
As horse and cart trips are subject to availability, please book early to avoid disappointment!

  • Price: EUR 15 per person
  • Duration: 60 minutes