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25 - 28 June 2020

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Our Curated Valea Verde Experiences provide our guests with unique and authentic experiences during their stay in the tranquility of the Transylvanian village of Cund. 


Truffles in Transylvania

The beautiful forests of Transylvania host a huge variety of wildlife and delicious produce. We love foraging wild plants, herbs and mushrooms, but the most spectacular edible treasures to be found are truffles - the black gold of the Transylvanian Wilderness! 
For the last 10 years we have been introducing our guests to hunting for truffles and preparing a huge variety of special and unique dishes with Truffles in the Valea Verde Restaurant. 
Our dear friend Roland Birr  will host a three days experience offering a true insight in the world of truffles paired with great wilderness experiences, live music and excellent food and wine!


About Roland Birr
Your host for the experience will be Roland Birr, the renowned international expert in gastronomy and oenology, who boasts over 30 years of experience in organizing culinary events from his native Germany to the USA, Sydney and Beijing. Roland’s passion for all things culinary and his expertise in the wine domain guarantee fascinating presentations, accessible to any gourmet, from the expert to the eager novice. His knowledge and zeal will make your rural gourmet experience an unforgettable one.


About Truffle Hunting
Most animals love truffles and the majority of truffles are eaten by wild animals like deer, foxes, mice or bears… Truffle hunting is traditionally done by well trained pigs or dogs, in recent years the majority of professional truffle hunting is however done by trained dogs. Though one can actually train most dogs to look for truffles, some breeds are better suited for the job. The most famous breed are Italian Lagotto Romagnolo, but also pointers, labradors or vislar are highly appreciated. The training of a truffle dog is best started at a very early age and some of the well trained dogs even bring their precious finds to their owners. At the Valea Verde we work with several truffle hunters and use well trained and cared for dogs.


About Truffles
Truffles have been known to mankind for a long time, the first ever recorded mention of truffles was probably 3000 years ago by the egyptian pharaoh Cheops. The culinary fascination for this mushrooms was fueled by French chefs in the 18th century and quickly spread through aristocratic households and royal palaces all over Europe. Nowadays truffles are a staple item on restaurant menus. 
 In the Transylvanian forests we can find a variety of local truffles, which all grow in a symbiotic relationship with its host - a tree. Truffles grow underground and are connected by tiny microspors with their host tree. Those host trees can be oaks, hazelnuts, beech or hornbeam trees and need a very specific mixture of sunlight, water and elevation to flourish.

Summer Truffle - Tuber Aestivum
The first truffles of  the season appear in the beginning of summer and are amply called summer truffles, The summer truffle has a very subtle smell and taste and is found nearly on the surface of the forest. It´s interior is nearly white with faint marbling and  gastronomic value is due to its subtle aroma not too high, thoigh a nice pasta with summer truffles can be a wonderful treat on a hot summer day….!

Burgundy Truffle - Tuber Uncinatum
Towards autumn you can find the Burgundy truffle with its rich and pungent smell and aroma. Depending on the weather, this truffle retracts further into the ground the colder it gets and is at its peak from mid October to mid November. Its interior has a finely marbled black interior, but the skin has a similar coarse feel to it as the summer truffle! 

Périgord Truffle - Tuber Melanosporum
The champion of black truffles can be found in our region from late autumn to january and has a brownish, sometimes even red-ish exterior. The  taste is also pungent, but more refined than then Burgundy truffle and the smell can be compared to the very distinct smell of the kind of all truffles, the white truffle.

Winter Truffle - Tuber Brumale
In the winter months we are finding huge amounts of this wonderfully aromatic truffle, which sadly rarely grows any larger than 1com in diameter. This small size is due to the specific climatic conditions of Transylvania, where the winters tend to be quite severe with temperatures of up to minus 25 degrees celsius… However, you can hardly find a better truffle for truffle butter or flavouring salt!!

Alba Truffle - Tuber Magnatum
Sadly this truffle cannot be found in Transylvania, but on the southern side of the Romanian Carpathians one can find this elusive, but utterly delicious and valuable species. Even though its not found locally, we sometimes use it on special occasions for an outrageously delicious truffle pasta!!


During truffle season we offer this package dedicated to the black gold of Transylvania! Over the course of three days you will look for truffles, enjoy daily workshops on food and wine and delicious multi course dinners prepared by Roland Birr and Jonas Schäfer.


The Pricing

The price for this three day package is Euro 749,- per adult, accommodation in a shared double room.


What´s included:

  1. Moderation & hosting by Roland Birr
  2. Three nights accommodation in a shared double room
  3. Three Valea Verde breakfast buffets
  4. Three two-course lunch
  5. Three special gourmet dinners
  6. Wine pairings for all lunches and dinners
  7. Welcome reception with wine
  8. Daily culinary & wine workshop
  9. Guided walks
  10. Bonfire with local palinca
  11. Local live music
  12. An assortment of teas and water in your room
  13. Free access to the Valea Verde Gym
  14. Free Wi-Fi


Special Conditions

Important: for this offer special booking and cancellation conditions apply. We require a downpayment of 50% of the total sum upon booking, which is non-refundable for cancellations made less than 2 months prior to check in.